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"All people by nature desire to know." 
- Aristotle, in Metaphysics, 980a, 21. 
Why study biology?
You are a living being
Many people and animals have had a vaccination
Living organisms get sick from viruses and microorganisms
You interact with an environment, and it interacts with you
We depend upon air, water, and other elements for physical life
We may raise, grow, or manufacture our food
We see some traits inherited by birth, but others are not
People often wonder how their bodies operate
Some great jobs require biological knowledge
It is a graduation requirement
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Science UIL
With science UIL, we spend some time each week preparing for a science test that involves biology, chemistry, and physics. Then, students spend one day in the spring testing their knowledge against students at other schools. If an individual student, or the team as a whole, advances to the next level, competition will continue and scholarships may be earned. If interested in science UIL, contact Mr. Gabriele, Ms. Falcon, or sign up for UIL
The Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy (GWAHCA) and the Texas Bioscience Institute (TBI) are great opportunities for Troy High School juniors and/or seniors to attend classes off-site. Classes include nursing, health, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students must apply and be accepted to the programs. For more information, visit each organizations' websites or contact Ms. Cox.