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UIL Academics

Troy HS UIL Academic Contests

Sign up to compete using this google form or by printing this form, filling it out, and returning it to Mrs. Falcon.


March 25th hosted by West ISD.

Regionals: TBA

State: TBA


Any competitor that advances and competes at the State Meet has an opportunity to win scholarship money through the Texas Interscholastic League Foundation. TILF reports that your odds at receiving a scholarship is approximately 50%.

UIL Winners


Abi Doskocil, 1st place Computer Applications, 4th place Ready Writing

Kamrie Shannon, 2nd place Computer Applications

Makayla Rodriquez, 3rd place Computer Applications

Matthew Potter, 4th place Mathematics, 4th Number Sense

Miguel Ramos, 1st place Ready Writing

Laura Shultz, 1st place News Writing, 3rd place Feature Writing

Cassidy Halfmann, 5th place News Writing

Tamryn Medrano, Alternate Top Scorer Physics

Kellie Smith, 2nd place Literary Criticism



Regional Meet

Abi Doskocil

Miguel Ramos


District Meet

Abi Doskocil, 1st Place Computer Applications, 4th Place Headline Writing

Alyssa Alford, 1st Place Headline Writing

Miguel Ramos, 1st Place Ready Writing, 6th Place Editorial Writing

Makayla Rodriquez, 3rd Place Computer Applications

Mathew Potter, 3rd Place Mathematics

Tyler McCown, 6th Place Computer Applications

Shayden Spradley, 5th Place Ready Writing



State Meet

Ariana Hoelscher, 6th Place Feature Writing


Regional Meet

Ariana Hoelscher


District Meet

Ariana Hoelscher, 1st News Writing, 1st Editorial Writing, 1st Ready Writing

Abbie Doskocil, 3rd Computer Applications

Makayla Rodriquez, 4th Computer Applications

Emily Holmes, 3rd Current Issues

Andrew Berg, 3rd Mathematics



Ariana Hoelscher, 2nd Ready Writing, 6th Feature Writing, 6th Newswriting 

Andrew Berg, 3rd Number Sense

Emily Holmes, 2nd Current Issue and Events

Levi Pierce, 6th Social Studies

Ariana, Andrew and Emily advanced to the Regional competition. 

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